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what's CNT or graphene? where's nanometals or metal oxide nanoparticles manufacturers? how to buy rare earth ceramic targets, wires, foils or optical crystals?

DFNano® supplier of rare earth metals or metal oxide nanopowders! manufacturer of sputtering targets, metal wires, foils or crystals in china.

what is Nanotechnology?

nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. it is the construction and use of functional structures designed from atomic.

nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale, molecular scale with at least one characteristic dimension measured in nanometers

nano rare earth (Ce, Er, Eu, La, Lu, Nd, Y)or rare earth oxide targets

Rare Earth primary products are mainly used as raw materials for high-purity individual Rare Earth chemicals, and in the making of petroleum and environment protection catalysts, mischmetal, polishing powders and Rare Earth fertilizers.

Most Rare Earth metals can be processed to different shape and size for evaporation materials, sputtering targets and other specialty applications.


we can supply main products and services such as : To engage in the growth and development of various optical & laser crystal , offers orienting, cutting and grinding, polishing and other servicesa for variety of crystal materials, optical components and optical glass. We can supply hundreds of substrates with excellent quality, also supply kinds of coating materials and targets,including single crystal,ceramic,metal and alloy targets.
GaAs (Ti:Al2O3) (LiTaO3) (LiNbO3)
(KTP) (YVO4) (Nd:YAG) (TeO2)
GGG) (TGG) (β-BBO) (LBO)
(Nd:YLF) (GdVO4) (Nd:KGW) (Ge) wafer

rare earth elements

yttrium lutetium ytterbium thulium
erbium holmium dysprosium terbium
gadolinium europium samarium praseodymium
lanthanum cerium neodymium scandium

carbon nanotubes (CNTs), SWNTs, Short CNTs, MWNTs industrial CNTs

carbon nanotubes (CNTs), SWNTs, MWNTs
CNTs types diameter length purity amorphous carbon ash SSA
SWCNTs <2nm 5-15 μm 95%CNTs (95%SWNTs) <=5% <=2 wt% 350-700m2/g
DWCNTs <5nm 5-15 μm 95%CNTs(60%DWNTs) <=5% <=2 wt% 350-400 m2/g
MWCNTs <10nm 5-15 μm <=95% <=5% <=0.2 wt % 200-220 m2/g
directional CNTs 10-20nm 5-15 μm 7% <=3% <=0.2 wt % 160-200 m2/g
MWCNTs 10,20, 30,40, 60,100nm 5-15 μm =>97% <=3% <=0.2 wt % 90-120 m2/g
Total 14 carbon nanotubes (CNTs), SWNTs, Short CNTs, MWNTs industrial CNTs

applications of carbon nanotubes

micro-electronics,semiconductors, conducting composites, controlled drug delivery(release), artificial muscles, supercapacitors, batteries, field emission flat panel displays, field effect transistors, single electron transistors, nano lithography, nano electronics, doping, nano balance, nano tweezers, data storage, magnetic nanotube, nanogear, nanotube actuator, molecular quantum wires, hydrogen Storage, noble radioactive gas storage, solar storage, waste recycling, electromagnetic shielding, dialysis filters , thermal protection, nanotube reinforced composites, reinforcement of armour and other materials, reinforcement of polymer, avionics, collision-protection materials, fly wheels, etc.


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