what's Nd:YLF crystal? where's neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride single laser crystals? how to buy laser crystal Nd:YLF?

DFNano® supplier of laser Nd:yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF) crystals; manufacturer of neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride(Nd:YLF) laser crystals in china.

what's neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF) crystals?

neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF) is a lasing medium for arclamp-pumped and diode-pumped solid-state lasers. It is used in Q-switched systems in part due to its relatively long fluorescence lifetime. As with Nd:YAG lasers, harmonic generation is frequently employed with Q-switched Nd:YLF to produce shorter wavelengths. A common application of frequency-doubled Nd:YLF pulses is to pump ultrafast Ti:Sapphire chirped-pulse amplifiers.

our grows Nd:YLF crystals using czochralski method. The use of high quality starting materials for crystal growth, whole boule interferometry,and precise inspection of scattering particle in crystal using He-Ne assures that each crystal will perform well.

neodymium doped YLF can provide higher pulse energies than Nd:YAG for repetition rates of a few kHz or less. Compared to Nd:YAG, the Nd:YLF crystal is very brittle and fractures easily. It is also slightly water-soluble — a YLF laser rod may very slowly dissolve in cooling water which surrounds it.

neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF) crystals parameters

neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF)
Chemical FormulaLiY1.0-xNdxF4
Space Group141/a
Nd atoms/m31.40X1020atoms/cm3for 1% Nd dopin
Modulus of Elasticity85 GPa
Crystal Structuretetragonal
Cell Parametersa=5.16Å,c=10.85Â
Melting Point819℃
Mohs Hardness4~5
Thermal Conductivity0.063W/cm K
Specific Heat0.79J/gK
Thermal conductivity8.3x10-6/k‖c, 13.3x10-6/kc
Transparency range180-6700nm
Peak Stimulated Emission Cross Section1.8x1o-19xcm2(E‖C)at 1064nm
1.2x1o-19xcm2(EC)at 1053nm
Spontaneous Fluorescence Lifetime485μs for 1% Nd doping
Seatter Losses<0.2%/cm
Peak Absorption Coefficient(for 1.2% Nd)a=10.8cm-1(792.0 nm E‖C)
a=3.59cm-1(797.0 nm EC)
Laser Wavelegth1047nm(‖c,a-cut crystal)
1053nm(c,a or c-cut crystal)
Standard Dopant1.1+/-0.1%
Wavefront Distortion<λ/4 per inch @633nm
Parallelism<10 arc seconds
Perpendicularity<5 arc minutes
Surface Quality10/5(MIL-PRF-13830B)
End CoatingR<0.15%@1047/1053nm
Surface Flatnessλ/8@632.8nm
Total 26 neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF)
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