what's Nd:GdVO4 crystal? where's neodymium doped gadolinium vanadate(Nd:GdVO4) single crystals? how to buy neodymium and gadolinium diffusion in yttrium vanadate?

DFNano® supplier of laser crystal Nd:GdVO4 or purity GdVO4 crystals; manufacturer of neodymium doped gadolinium vanadate(Nd:GdVO4) laser crystals in china.

what's gadolinium vanadate doped with neodymium(Nd:GdVO4) crystals?

Gadolinium vanadate doped with neodymium, Nd:GdVO4, is a promising material for diode pumped lasers. Like neodymium doped yttrium vanadate, the gadolinium vanadate exhibits a larger absorption and emission cross section compared to Nd:YAG. In fact, Nd:GdVO4 has a 7-times higher absorption cross section at 808nm and a 3-times larger emission cross section at 1.06µm than does Nd:YAG (Ref. 1). Nd:GdVO4 has the additional advantage over Nd:YVO4 of a much higher thermal conductivity.

neodymium doped gadolinium vanadate(Nd:GdVO4) crystals parameters

neodymium doped gadolinium vanadate(Nd:GdVO4)
crystal structuretetragonal
space groupI41/amd
lattice parameter a=0.721nm, b=0.635nm
lasing transition4F3/2->4I11/2
Lasing wavelength1062.9nm
Emission Cross Section (at 1064nm)7.6x10-19 cm2
Absorption Cross Section (at 808nm)4.9x10-19cm2
Absorption Coefficient (at 808nm)74cm-1
Index of Refractivity (at 1064nm)n0=1.972, ne=2.192
Thermal Conductivity (<110>)11.7W/(mxK)
Nd Dopent level (atomic)0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3%, 0.5%, 0.7%, 1.0%...
Transmitting wavefront distortionless than λ/4 @ 633nm
Dimension tolerance(W+/-0.1mm)x(H+/-0.1mm)x(L+0.2mm/-0.1)
Clear aperture>90% central area
Flatness λ/8 @ 633 nm, and λ/4 @ 633nm for thickness less than 2mm
Scratch/Dig code10/5 to MIL-PRF-13830B
Parallelismbetter than 20 arc seconds
Perpendicularity5 arc minutes
Angle tolerance<+/-0.5°
AR coatingR<0.2% at 1064nm
HR coatingR>99.8%@1064nm,T>95%@808nm
Quality Warranty Periodone year under proper use.
Total 26 neodymium doped gadolinium vanadate(Nd:GdVO4)

properties for neodymium laser crystals Nd:YVO4, Nd:GdVO4, Nd:YAG

neodymium laser crystals Nd:YVO4, Nd:GdVO4, Nd:YAG
Laser wavelengths1064.3nm,1342.0nm1062.9nm,1340nm1064.2nm,1338.2nm
Emission bandwidth (1064nm)0.8nm--0.45nm
Effective laser cross section (1064nm)15.6x10-19cm27.6x10-19cm-2 6.5x10-10cm-2
PolarizationParallel to c-axisParallel to c-axisunpolarized
Radioactive lifetime at 1% Nd doping~100μs~ 95μs230μs
Pump wavelength808.5nm808.4nm807.5nm
peak pump absorption at 1% doping-41cm-1-57 cm-1--
Thermal conductivity, W/nK5.111.7(Ref.7)14
Doping concentration range0.1-3.0%0.1-3.0%0.1-2.0%
Total 9 neodymium laser crystals Nd:YVO4, Nd:GdVO4, Nd:YAG
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