what's germanium(Ge) wafer crystal? where's germanium(Ge) single crystals? how to buy germanium(Ge) windows, lenses,rectangular sheets discs, prisms?

DFNano® supplier of laser crystals germanium(Ge) wafers, windows, lenses; manufacturer of germanium(Ge) rectangular sheets discs, prisms in china.

what's germanium(Ge) crystals?

Germanium has the highest index of refraction of any commonly used infrared transmitting materials. Germanium(Ge) based optical components are widely used for IR applications. Its blocks UV and visible light and in the infrared up to about 2µm. Ge based optical components include mirrors, windows and lenses etc

process Ge Lens, germanium(Ge) wafers, windows

Ge Lens, germanium(Ge) wafers, windows and mirrors
Chamfer0.20+/-0.10mm @ 45°
Surface Figure (power/irregularity) at 0.63µm1.0 fringe/0.5 fringe
Parallelism< 40 arc Seconds
Perpendicularity< 5 arc min
Surface Quality40/20Scratch/Dig
Crystal TypeCubic
Lattice Parametera=5.657Å
Transmission Band2-12 um
Mohs Hardness6.3
Melting Point937°C
Refractive Index4.0032 at 10.6um
Resistivity5-40 ohm-cm
Young’s Modulus103 GPa
Thermal Expansion6.1 x10-6/°C
Thermal Conductivity167mcal /cm/s/k
Total 18 Ge Lens, germanium(Ge) wafers crystals
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