what's tellurium(6N5N4N) metal? where's TeO2 crystal single big rods,block, discs,bars? how to buy tellurium target, or CdTe, GeSbTe, Bi2Te3, ZnTe targets?

DFNano® supplier of tellurium(6N5N4N) TeO2 crystal or cadmium telluride CdTe, GeSbTe Bi2Te3, ZnTe target; manufacturer of TeO2 big single crystal rods,block, discs,bars in china.

what's tellurium dioxide crystal (TeO2)?

tellurium dioxide crystal (TeO2) is one of the best Acousto-Optic crystals even grown, and extensively used in AO modulators, deflectors, AO tunable filters , laser Q-switches, RF spectrum analyzers. United Crystals provides various laser-grade Tellurium Dioxide devices.

tellurium (CdTe, GeSbTe, Bi2Te3, ZnTe) sputtering targets

Our comprehensive offering of sputtering targets, evaporation sources and other deposition materials is listed by material throughout the website. actual prices may vary due to market fluctuations. Contact Sales for current pricing or for a quote on sputtering targets.

properties of tellurium dioxide crystal (TeO2) big crystal

tellurium dioxide crystal (TeO2) big crystal
crystal classTetragonal
Refractive indexηo=2.81 ηe=2.32
Transitivity>70% at 632.8n
Thermal expansion at 293K,1/k
Parallel to <001>
Parallel to <001>
Acoustic velocities, km/sec
For shear wave along <110>
For shear wave along <001>
AO figures of merit
M1, cm2,sec/g(shear/longitudinal)
M2, cm2,sec/g(shear/longitudinal)
Total 6 tellurium dioxide crystal (TeO2) big crystal
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