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what's precious metal wires gold(Au) silver(Ag)? where's platinum(Pt) rhodium(Rh) tungsten(W) wires manufacturers? how to buy high purity molybdenum(Mo), tantalum(Ta), niobium(Nb),aluminum(Al) wires

supplier of high purity tungsten(W) molybdenum(Mo), tantalum(Ta), niobium(Nb) metal wires; manufacturer of wires platinum(Pt) rhodium(Rh) gold(Au) silver(Ag) aluminum(Al) in china.

we offers a full range of Gold (Au), Silver(Ag), Aluminum (Al), platinum(Pt) rhodium(Rh) gold(Au) silver(Ag) aluminum(Al)

we are leading manufacturer of precious metal wires, concentrating on innovative growth solutions through high quality products, services and tailored support initiatives.

drawing on extensive experience in the precious metals industry, manufactures and supply a range of high-purity precious metal wires for industry. premium quality gold, silver and platinum group metal alloys, and perfected methods of wire-drawing and extrusion ensure that the highest quality of product is provided, with consistency and reliability guaranteed.

Many forms and sizes are available ex-stock, or customers can order to any specific dimensions. For prototype and original equipment manufacturer forms, our expert metallurgists are available to recommend the particular precious metal alloy or fabricated wire to suit your purpose. Thermocouple wires such as alumel, chromel, constantan and iron can be used to manufacture your own thermocouples. In addition we supply a wide range of high purity wires including gold, silver and platinum for a wide range of uses including gasket fabrication and sputter coating. In addition to the wires listed below we can obtain other sizes and types.

metal purity diameter packaging
Au wire 99.95%~99.999% dia0.2mm*L dia0.05mm*300m-4N, dia0.025mm*500m, dia0.35mm*L-4N, dia0.3mm*L-4N, dia0.02mm*500m-4N, dia0.2mm*L-4N 1000 clean room,100 clean bags,tin foil packaged
Pt wire 3N5, 4N φ0.05mm*L-3N5, φ0.1mm*100m-3N5, φ0.2mm*L-4N, φ0.4mm*2m-3N5, φ0.5mm*3m-3N5 1000 clean room,100 clean bags,tin foil packaged
Ag wire 4N φ0.025*500m; φ0.3mm*L; φ1mm*L-4N 1000 clean room,100 clean bags,
Al wire 3N D2~D3mm 1000 clean room,100 clean bags,tin foil packaged
Mo wire 3N D0.04~D3.175 D0.2mm, D0.18mm, D0.16mm, D0.15mm, D0.14mm, D0.12mm, D0.08mm. wire coil packaging
W wire 4N D0.05, D0.06, D0.08, D0.1, D0.2mm, D0.25mm, D0.26mm D0.3mm, D0.35mm, D1mm. wire coil packaging
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