graphene(single,multi,few layer)powder or gel; graphene oxide(GO)powder or gel; graphene films sheets; graphite oxide.
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what's graphene?

Graphene is a member of the class of 2-dimensional materials. Its structure is one-atom-thick planar sheets of sp2-bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice.

what's different between graphite oxide and graphene oxide?

the graphte oxide contains a few layers, and the layers of graphene oxide vary from 1 to 10 layers, but the price of graphene oxide is much higher than graphite oxide. The thickness of layer is about 1nm, for the existence of oxygen-containing functional group on graphite oxide. The particle size of graphite oxide vary from 1μm to 10μm.

The thickness of single layer graphene is 0.34nm, but owning to the existence of oxygen-containing functional group on graphite oxide or graphene oxide, the thickness of single layer graphite oxide could be higher than 0.34nm, meanwhile, the graphite oxide contains a few layers, so the thickness of graphite oxide could be 1-10nm.

2D materials display very interesting properties, and are fundamentally different from the 3D materials we encounter everyday. The discovery of 2D materials means that scientists now have access to materials of all dimensionalities, including 0D (quantum dots, atoms) and 1D (nanowires, carbon nanotubes).

graphene oxide synonyms:

graphene oxide, GO, graphene oxide flake, dispersed dispersion graphene oxide flake, dispersed dispersion graphene oxide powder, graphene oxide powder, single layer graphene oxide, multi-layered graphene oxide, graphene oxide paper, CVD grown graphene on foils and wafers, graphene nanopowder, graphene oxide, graphene in solution, reduced graphene oxide, reduced single layer graphene coatings, graphite oxide, exfoliated graphite oxide, graphite oxide nanoplatelet, graphene oxide nanosheets, graphitic oxide, graphitic acid,
graphene powder
Diameter 0.5-3μm
Thickness 0.55~3.74nm
Layers 1-10 or 10-100
Purity > 99.6%
SSA 500-1000m2/g
color black
Total graphene powder

In fact, anyone who has ever written with a pencil has probably created graphene flakes. The graphite in a pencil lead separates into sheets when rubbed across paper, and the chances are that one of these sheets was only a single layer thick.

Although it will likely be many years before we see any of these applications fully realised, the discovery of graphene has provided an unparalleled opportunity for scientists to investigate these possibilities.

the strongest performance of graphene

oxide graphene powder largest
thinnest and lightest thickness:0.34nm; specific surface area(SSA):2630m2/g
highest carrier mobility room temperature: 2*106m2/Vs, theoretical value:1*107m2/Vs
largest tolerance of current density 2*10.9A/2
hardest 42% N/m young mold equivalent to diamond
highest thermal conductivity 3000-5000W/mK
Total oxide graphene powder
The single-layer graphene is the world's thinnest, strongest, most hard material, the graphene has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. the graphene had similar uses for carbon nanotubes, but the graphene had obvious advantages to carbon nanotubes in certain key aspects of the production and processing.

oxide graphene powder

The graphene oxide powder had not chlorine ions, sulfur ions, potassium ions (PPM), The graphene oxide powder has excellent solubility in water or DMF solvents, Metal content <10ppm,insoluble impurities <0.01%,gold yellow, it is excellent in water-soluble. >500
oxide graphene powder
Diameter 1-5µm
Thickness 0.8~1.2 nm
Single layer ratio > 99%
Purity > 99.6%
Total oxide graphene powder

Graphene Nanoplatelets

Much has been made of graphene's potential. It can be used for anything from composite materials - like how carbon-fibre is used currently - to electronics

Since its properties were uncovered, more and more scientists have been keen to work on projects. About 200 companies and start-ups are now involved in research around graphene. In 2010, it was the subject of about 3,000 research papers

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