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what's nano CBN(NCBN)?

A multilayer coating (MLC) is composed of two chemically different layered nanocrystalline materials, nanodiamond (nanoD) and nano-cubic boron nitride (nono-cBN).

The structure of the MLC and fabrication sequence of layered structure are disclosed. The base layer is preferably nanoD and is the first deposited layer serving as an accommodation layer on a pretreated substrate. It can be designed with a larger thickness whereas subsequent alternate nano-cBN and nanoD layers are typically prepared with a thickness of 2 to 100 nm. The thickness of these layers can be engineered for a specific use. The deposition of the nanoD layer, by either cold or thermal plasma CVD, is preceded by diamond nucleation on a pretreated and/or precoated substrate, which has the capacity to accommodate the MLC and provides excellent adhesion. Nano-cBN layers are directly grown on nanodiamond crystallites using ion-assisted physical vapor deposition (PVD)

Parameters of the four phase structure of boron nitride

structure of boron nitride
phase c-BN h-BN r-BN w-BN
structure sphalerite structure hexagonal structure Rrhombohedral structure wurtzite structure
Lattice constant(Å) a=3.615 d=1.565 a=2.5043 c=6.6661 a=2.2507 c=9.999 a=2.5505 c=4.213
density(g/cm3) 3.48 2.281 2.276 3.45
bonding mode sp3 hybridized sp2 hybridized sp2 hybridized sp3 hybridized
FTIR(cm-1) 783, 82,1367,1616 1065, 1380 1340 1090, 1120, 1230
Raman(cm-1) 52,1366 790,1367 1056,1304 950, 1015, 1050,1290
Total 4 structure of boron nitride

Performance of nano/micro CBN particle coated tools in superfinish hard machining

Since nano/micro CBN particle coated tools are more cost-effective than solid polycrystalline CBN (PCBN) tools, a comprehensive study on the coated tools is required.

This paper studies the performance of these tools in superfinish hard machining. Specimens were machined by a solid PCBN tool and CBN particle coated tools with two different CBN particle size distributions: less than 0.5 and 2 μm. The specimen machined by a tool with small CBN particle coating showed more compressive residual stresses and less thermal damage below the machined surface than other specimens. Furthermore, the specimen machined by a tool with small CBN particle showed less residual stress scatter than other specimens.

The rolling contact fatigue life was predicted by using a rolling contact fatigue life model. The rolling contact fatigue life predictions indicate that the predicted life of the specimen machined by a tool with small CBN particle coating is longer than that of other specimens. The results thus indicate that a tool with small CBN particle coating provides better performance than other tools in superfinish hard machining.

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