what's optoelectronic materials (LiTaO3,LiNbO3,KTP)? where's optical crystals(YVO4, YAG,TeO2, GGG,TGG) manufacturer? how to buy Laser crystal (BBO,LBO, YLF,GdVO4,KGW)?

DFNano® supplier of optical crystals(YVO4, YAG,TeO2,TGG, LiNbO3,KTP): manufacturer of optical crystals Laser crystal (BBO,LBO, YLF,GdVO4,KGW, LiTaO3) in china.

what is optical crystal?

the optical crystals are used for windows and beamsplitters for infrared spectroscopy and can be supplied from 2mm to 300mm in size. They can be supplied either as sawn blanks, fine ground blanks or with a pre-polished finish.

Crystal optics is the branch of optics that describes the behaviour of light in anisotropic media, that is, media in which light behaves differently depending on which direction the light is propagating. Crystals are often naturally anisotropic, it is possible to induce anisotropy by applying an external electric field.

optical crystals

gallium arsenide (GaAs) titanium doped sapphire (Ti:Al2O3) lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) lithium niobate (LiNbO3)
kalium titanyl phosphate (KTP) yttrium orthovanadate (YVO4) Nd:Y3Al5O12 (Nd:YAG) tellurium oxide(TeO2)
gadolinium gallium(GGG) terbium gallium garnet(TGG) β-BaB2O4 (β-BBO) lithium triborate(LBO)
Nd:yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF) gadolinium vanadate (GdVO4) Nd:KGd(WO4)2(Nd:KGW) germanium(Ge) wafer
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