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what's ordered mesoporous carbon(CMK-3) nanopowders? where's nanoporous carbon molecular sieves(Pd/MC, Ru/MC Pt/MC) manufacturers? how to buy mesoporous carbon(columnar,honeycomb) nanomaterials?

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what's mesoporous (CMK-3)carbon?

Appearance of the the nanopore series of carbon-based molecular sieve (Ordered Mesoporous Carbon) of black powder. Nanopore series of carbon-based molecular sieve having a high degree of order, a high specific surface area, an adjustable aperture, large pore volume, high thermal stability, hydrophobicity, etc., can be widely used for hydrogen storage, adsorption, catalysis, electrochemistry, medicine and other fields.

A mesoporous material is a material containing pores with diameters between 2 and 50 nm.porous materials are classified into several kinds by their size.,microporous materials have pore diameters of less than 2 nm and macroporous materials have pore diameters of greater than 50 nm; the mesoporous category thus lies in the middle.

nanoporous carbon molecular sieves mesoporous carbon CMK-3

nanoporous carbon molecular sieves CMK-3
name SSA pore ​​volume diameter(nm) Applications
MC powdery 1500-1800 m2/g 2-2.5 ml/g 3.0,4.0,4.5,5,6.0 High-performance adsorbing material and catalyst support material
MC Columnar Φ3×6 800m2/g 1.2 ml/g 3.0,4.0,4.5,5,6.0 Fixed bed catalyst carrier in the catalytic reactions
MC Honeycomb 100-200 cell/in2 700 m2/g 1.2 ml/g 3.0,4.0,4.5,5,6.0 Flue gas denitrification and wastewater treatment
MC conductivity 0.1S/cm 700m2/g 1.2 ml/g 3.0,4.0,4.5,5,6.0 Electrode material and super heater material
MC Pd 0.5-10% 700m2/g 1.2 ml/g 3.0,4.0,4.5,5,6.0...10 Palladium load on the mesoporous carbon obtained
MC Ru 0.5-10% 700m2/g 1.2 ml/g 3.0,4.0,4.5,5,6.0 Ruthenium load on the mesoporous carbon obtained
MC Pt 0.5-10% 700m2/g 1.2 ml/g 3.0,4.0,4.5,5,6.0 Platinum load on the mesoporous carbon obtained
Total mesoporous carbon CMK-3

Basic characteristics of ordered mesoporous carbon(CMK-3)

The material has a high degree of order, two-dimensional, hexagonal, three-dimensional, cubic structure.

The material has a specific surface area can be up to 2600 m2 / g.

The aperture can be adjusted in the range of 2 - 10 nm continuous.

Pore ​​volume of up to 2.0 cm3 / g. The mesoporous carbon material having

a high thermal stability. After calcined at 1700 C in an inert atmosphere, and still maintain the ordered mesoporous structure. Material processed in boiling water for up to 288 h mesoscopic structures remains a high degree of order.

Material under the pressure of 500 Mpa for 10 min, and maintained a highly ordered mesoporous structure.

The material has a high degree of chemical stability, acids, alkalis, strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents, and even aqua regia solution for a long handle, to maintain a highly ordered mesoporous structure; capability concentration of 100% hydrofluoric acidChemical industry super material.

Millimeter mesoporous carbon has good blood compatibility.Material as the anode of the lithium-ion battery, the reversible capacitor maximum up to 358 mAh/g.

Applications of nanoporous carbon molecular sieves

Mesoporous carbon as the catalyst carrier, the load of a variety of active metals and metal oxides, for the hydrogenation, oxidation, reduction, the catalytic reaction of the coupling reaction.

Mesoporous carbon used in the field of polymer synthesis, as nano-reactor polymerization; applied to the Synthesis of Nanomaterials, preparation of nanowires and nanocrystals; applied to the synthesis of mesoporous materials, nanocasting route, synthetic nanopores carbon, metal oxides, polymers, and non-oxide materials. These materials can be used in a number of aspects, such as non-linear optical materials, chemical and biological sensing, electrocatalysis, long-range charge transfer, solid state electrochemical devices and spectroelectrochemical fields.

Mesoporous carbon as an adsorbent, the adsorption of molecules of different size, are widely used in water purification, gas adsorption and purification, as well as the purification of the organic reagent and other fields.

Take advantage of the large specific surface area and surface chemical properties as well as loaded metal properties of mesoporous carbon stored H2.

Mesoporous carbon material provides a large reaction interface, fast ion transmission channel, a good chemical and thermal stability, and conductive. Therefore, it is possible to direct as a super capacitor or lithium ion electrode material, the sensor electrode material, the fuel cell catalyst carriers, etc., there is a wide range of potential applications.

Mesoporous carbon material on the body of toxins "bilirubin" good adsorption properties and good blood compatibility is expected as the idea of blood purification adsorbent.


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