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what's ultralight LiMg(lithium magnesium)alloy? where's lightest metal structural materials MgLi ingot(plate, sheet) manufacturer? how to buy AlLiMg (Mg14LiAl,Mg9LiAl, Mg9LiZn, Mg9Li3Al3Zn, Mg8LiAl, Mg8LiAlY, Mg8Li3AlY) etc.

DFNano® supplier of lightest metal magnesium lithium (MgLi) alloy or aluminum lithium magnesium (AlLiMg); manufacturer of ultralight AlLiMg (Mg14LiAl,Mg9LiAl, Mg9LiZn, Mg9Li3Al3Zn, Mg8LiAl, Mg8LiAlY, Mg8Li3AlY)in china.

what's magnesium lithium (MgLi) alloys

magnesium lithium (MgLi) alloys are among the lightest structural materials. aluminium lithium alloys are a range of advanced aluminium alloys. Their key advantage over standard aluminium alloys is a lower density combined with improved elastic modulus. Resistance to fatigue cracking is also generally superior to standard 2000 and 7000 series aluminium alloys. newer aluminium lithium alloys have improved corrosion resistance and greater toughness than their predecessors.

The following standard grades of ingots or wrought alloy products can be provided: AlLiMg (Mg14LiAl,Mg9LiAl, Mg9LiZn, Mg9Li3Al3Zn, Mg8LiAl, Mg8LiAlY, Mg8Li3AlY)etc.

applications of ultralight LiMg(lithium magnesium)alloy

Aerospace: Dashboard, levers, skin, seat frames, aircraft down side, fuel tank, and anti-cosmic dust shield wall, gyro mount plate, etc;

Military field: Missile fin and shell, rocket head case, the conversion device holder, aiming devices, stretchers, cartridges, etc;

Transportation: Wheels, steering wheel locking device covers, small toolbox door, pedal bracket, door frames, tail plate, motor cover, front cover, air compressor cover, pumping tubing, cars, etc;

3C products: Laptop case, cell phone case, camera case, PDA / GPS shell, high-end audio vibration film / tone pots, ultra-precise frequency electronic lithium-magnesium alloy plate, conduit, etc.

ultralight LiMg(lithium magnesium)alloy
Trademark Density Hardness Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation
(g/cm3) (HV) (MPa) (MPa) (%)
LA91 1.45 45-75 180-240 120-190 10-30
LA141 1.35 40-70 160-230 100-170 20-40
LZ91 1.48 45-75 180-240 140-180 15-35
MA18 1.48 45-65 140-210 90-180 10-30
MA21 1.6 50-80 200-260 150-220 6-25
Total 6 ultralight LiMg(lithium magnesium)alloy

Ultra-light Mg-Li alloy products

MgLi alloy is the most lightweight metal construction materials, density is generally 1.35-1.65g/cm3, has a high specific strength and specific stiffness and excellent seismic performance and resistance to high-energy particle penetration. It is aerospace, aviation and weapons industry, the nuclear industry, 3C electronic products and other areas ideal structural material.

After years of research efforts, Light Metal Material institute has produce mass production of large-sized lightweight magnesium-lithium alloy by vacuum melting techniques, prepared Mg-Li alloy thick plates and wide sheet by extrusion, rolling, etc. deformation process and 3C magnesium alloy products have been successfully trial-produced.

Ingot is the form of square or round ingot, deformation alloy is extruded or rolled material. According to user needs can also provide non-standard lithium-magnesium alloy design products.

These properties make aluminium lithium particularly suitable to any application where weight to strength ratio is critical and fatigue cracking is a concern. Aerospace and motorsport are typical application areas as well as space exploration where these alloys have been extensively used.

High strengths can be achieved in lithium alloys through precipitation heat treatments that are similar in nature to those used in more standard alloys. However, these processes along with many other aspects of this group of alloys continue to be developed and improved.

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